Lilly Cosmetic Clinic

Lilly Cosmetic Clinic

Lilly Cosmetic Clinic

Lilly Cosmetic Clinic are a team of Registered Professionals, and Skin Therapists who have received the highest levels of education and training to perform the latest and most improved therapies and treatments for our clients. We are a team who are dedicated to providing the most therapeutic, honest, valued and holistic care to our clients at the highest possible standard.
Our vision is to provide only the safest, newest and most improved Cosmetic Procedures and Dermal Therapy to our clients. Our well trained and skilled staff are dedicated to providing only the best quality care and therapies to achieve optimal results.

Lilly Cosmetic Clinic

Michael S

Shanaya T

Advanced Beauty Therapist/Lash Artist


Cosmetic Tattooist
Business Name: Kova Cosmetic You can find this beautiful girl via the instagram handle @kova_cosmetic Her work is posted all through her instagram, and any available specials also!


Registered Nurse/Cosmetic Injector
Studied Bachelor of Nursing, Masters in Mental Health Nursing, Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing via the AACDS, Training with Fresh clinics, weekend seminars, extra training with Envogue, and also extra training via Lilly Cosmetic Clinic with Lauren and the team.

Tayleea F

Advanced Beauty Therapist/Spa Therapist

Stacey S

Advanced Cosmetic Injector/Registered Nurse
Stacey is an advanced cosmetic injector and has been injecting for 9+ years. She is also the clinical manager and trainer for Envogue. Even though Stacey only works with us once or twice a month due to working full time hours with Envogue, she packs so much experience, knowledge, work and leadership in the days that she is with us. Stacey is very down to earth and thorough in her work.


Advanced Cosmetic Injector/Registered Nurse/Director
Lauren has always had a passion for beauty, but had decided after High School to go to University to become a nurse as her mum is. Soon after working in a hospital setting with shift work and ridiculous politics, she decided to spread her wings outside of the hospital setting and found herself in the beauty industry as a Cosmetic Injector. She studied in 2015 a Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing and not long after started Lilly Cosmetic Clinic - named after her dog Lilly, a King Charles.


Advanced Cosmetic Injector

Lilly Cosmetic Clinic

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Lilly Cosmetic Clinic

Lilly Cosmetic Clinic

PENRITH, Lilly Cosmetic Clinic

3/320 High Street, Penrith, NSW, 2750


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Lilly Cosmetic Clinic

PENRITH, Lilly Cosmetic Clinic

3/320 High Street, Penrith, NSW, 2750


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